The Public Partnerr (66%)

Logo stadsontwikkelingSince 1999 the Stadsontwikkelingsbedrijf (SOB) has been conducting an active land and building policy to further the urban development of the City of Ghent. First as a public utility (1999 to 2003), later as an autonomous municipal company AG SOB (as of 2003). In the initial years, the missions were limited to the implementation of SIF projects (Social Impulse Fund); later, many projects were added to the order book of the AG SOB during the administration period 2001-2006.

The projects focused above all on the policy areas of living, working and greenery. These projects were anchored in the Ghent Spatial Structure Plan and the many policy memoranda of the board, aldermen and city departments. The AG SOB received a prominent role in the new 2007-2012 administrative agreement. Many new projects are being prepared at present, and their implementation is being entrusted to the AG SOB. The company currently has over thirty employees, a balance sheet total of around 100 million euros and capital and reserves of nearly 60 million euros.

You can find more information at www.agsob.be

The private partner (34%)

Logo banimmoThe private partner is united in the nv Schoonmeers Bugten, whose largest shareholder is nv Banimmo. Via the nv Schoonmeers-Bugten, Banimmo is active in repositioning and redeveloping properties, purchasing buildings with high redevelopment potential in order to resell them after restoration and renovation.

From its headquarters in Brussels, Banimmo is active in Belgium, France and Luxembourg on the office, retail and semi-industrial property markets, as well as in exhibition and conference centres. The French subsidiary focuses on the French market from its offices in Paris. The company has around thirty employees.

Banimmo has thus far invested in around 29 properties, good for a total portfolio value of more than 399 million euros. Belgium is the most important market, with a market value of more than 75 % of the portfolio, while France represents slightly more than 20 % of the portfolio, which is constantly evolving thanks to the continuous repositioning and sale of assets. Banimmo is listed on Euronext Brussels and Paris. 50 % of the company is in the hands of the French group Affine and 28% is held by the management. The remaining 22 % are held by the public.

You can find more information at www.banimmo.be



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