With the project Ghent The Loop, a new city district is being developed on the outskirts of Ghent. Ghent is located at the intersection of two European motorways, the E40 Cologne-Ostend and the E17 Amsterdam-Paris.

Position of The Loop site

The site of The Loop is a unique location, positioned close to the centre of the City of Ghent (just 4 km as the crow flies) and within easy reach of other European economic centres, so that its significance can scarcely be overestimated. Thanks in part to the very extensive coverage area, the location offers many possibilities for a broad and trans-regional positioning.


In brief, the City´s ambitions for this site are the following:

  • It must be developed into a full-fledged new city district, with all of the characteristics and elements of contemporary high-quality facilities with an impact for Ghent and vis-à-vis Flanders and Europe.
  • Within the site, a programme of offices, office-like facilities, leisure and retail functions and residences must be realised.
  • The site must be developed as a single whole, with the work being based on the principles of integrated area development.
  • The objective is to give rise to a new, large-scale development with a mixture of economic activities.



On The Loop site, work on building the southern bridge commenced on 14 September 2009.  ...


On 30/10/2009 two information signs were set up along the ring roads announcing that the works...


On 07/09/2009 two information signs were set up along the Adolphe Pégoudlaan announcing...