The Loop MobilityLocated 4 km directly south of the centre of Ghent, the site The Loop is surrounded by the E40 to the south, the R4 ring around Ghent to the north, the Kortrijksesteenweg to the east and the railway line Ghent-Kortrijk to the west. The E40 / E17 interchange is just a stone´s throw from the site, giving the site its excellent trans-regional possibilities.

Distance to the Sint-Pieter station

  • Slow traffic: The location lies less than 3 km away from the Ghent Sint-Pieters Station, or 9 minutes by bicycle.
  • Motor traffic: The location is 6 km away from the station and 1 km from the E40.

The Adolphe Pégoudlaan crosses the site from north to south, thus forming a connecting element between the E40 and the R4. This regional road also forms the direct, future access way to the car park of the Sint-Pieters Station.

Public transport

There is an ample presence of public transport:

Tram line 1 (Evergem – Ghent St.-Pieters – Flanders Expo) rides in its own bedding – with a frequency of at least one every 10 minutes - from on the site to the entrance of the St.-Pieters Station in a mere 9 minutes. One can leave the site and within 20 minutes be standing in front of the town hall in the very centre of Ghent. In the future there will be a total of four tram stops on the site itself.

Several bus routes all have stops near the site:

  • no. 34: Wetteren – Ghent – Sint-Martens-Latem – De Pinte/Sint-Martens-Leerne
  • no. 35: Lokeren – Beervelde – Gent – Sint-Martens-Latem – De Pinte/Sint-Martens-Leerne
  • no. 36: Hamme – Zele – Ghent – Sint-Martens-Latem – De Pinte/Sint-Martens-Leerne
  • no. 76: Lokeren – Ghent – De Pinte
  • no. 77: Beervelde – Ghent - Deinze
  • no. 78: Lokeren – Ghent – De Pinte – Zevergem



On The Loop site, work on building the southern bridge commenced on 14 September 2009.  ...


On 30/10/2009 two information signs were set up along the ring roads announcing that the works...


On 07/09/2009 two information signs were set up along the Adolphe Pégoudlaan announcing...