Field 12

This Field forms the heart of the new city district.

Aerial photo of Field 12

In the Spatial Structure Plan, this territory was selected as the location where a retail trade zone on the metropolitan level is possible as well as an area suitable as a site for large-scale informational, cultural, recreational and commercial events.

Bringing together all of these functions in a single spatially functioning whole is intended to give rise to the synergies necessary for creating a lively new part of town.

The functions must be complementary to what is already offered in the city centre and the inner-city cultural cluster.Field 12



On The Loop site, work on building the southern bridge commenced on 14 September 2009.  ...


On 30/10/2009 two information signs were set up along the ring roads announcing that the works...


On 07/09/2009 two information signs were set up along the Adolphe Pégoudlaan announcing...